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About Us

Our aim is to provide intellectual and human capital to overcome business challenges. We have an extensive global network of experts that we utilise to support the management team to meet our clients' objectives. Our combined expertise has us working in a variety of industries, across emerging and developed markets.

Our approach is hands on and executive rather than purely advisory and our core businesses vary greatly from technology solutions and security products all the way through to agri-production techniques and provision.

Our Services


We are a strategy and business development consultancy with a specific focus on emerging markets.


We are focused on building business cases for emerging market companies who wish to expand into Europe, Middle East and Australia.


Our expertise comes from our own extensive experience and knowledge of establishing and building businesses in these geographies.

Our Network

Our Network is extensive, ranging from Government departments, Oil and Gas industry, Finance and banking, logistics, trading, IT and local entrepreneurs.

Additional Services

Business Development

Extensive experience building and implementing business development strategies in new markets. We build pipelines for new markets before committing CAPEX to limit client exposure. We agree project milestones prior to implementation. Current projects include a product launch in the MENA region and government oriented business development in Africa for a security provider.

Organisational change

The element of change within any business is a difficult one. Once the stakeholders have decided that change is necessary, our role is to guide the management team through the processes, procedures & behaviours in order to achieve the desired results.

Corporate Strategy

Strategy for emerging markets is a difficult and interesting challenge. Entering markets that do not function to your norms, without understanding these markets is frought with difficulties. Our role is to work with the management, allow them to explore and understand the new markets in depth and to develop a strategy that is robust, operational and functional for that sector in that geography.

App Development and Back-end technical support

We have set up partnerships with App development companies in Eastern Europe, who have a proven track record in App development for the international market, to provide a more efficient and cost effective means of developing complicated Apps for businesses. We have already started to develop three major Apps for companies globally.

Business training and skills development

Our current portfolio of clients include some very recognisable brands in their sector. We provide them with skills training, and management training to help develop their internal knowledge base, to understand what is best practice, and how to motivate their people to results.

Our Team

Jack Buskiewicz

Ben Greig

Abid Hamid

Our Projects

  1. Working on behalf of Australian investors to build an IT development hub in Eastern Europe. We will develop the infrastructure, hire and manage the people and ensure that the client has a fully functioning back end, operating at the best available efficiency to price ratio.
    • The client has already signed an exclusivity contract with AJJ capital to initiate this projects. We have already researched Poland, Ukraine and Hungary as potential markets for the back office HUB. First stage of interviews for the CTO, and the structure of the organization will be completed by August of 2016.
    • Our first Apps are already being developed, with the first application ready to launch in the first week of September. We now have four apps in the development stages and a steady stream of new software products coming through from the development teams.
  2. Working with a UK property company on Identifying commercial property opportunities in European Capitals.
    • We have identified properties in Switzerland, Vienna and London .
  3. We have recently completed negotiations on behalf of a major European manufacturer for the rights to market and sell products in Australia, Turkey and the USA. The product is a cutting edge personal security appliance.
    • The agreement has been signed and we are now in the middle of Marketing the product in Turkey and Australia prior to a major investment in the USA.
    • we are meeting with the Turkish Government in September to present our product.- September 2016
  4. Developing a business case for a Middle East based UHNW – looking at building a franchise model for the family and a property portfolio in the UK.
    • Been mandated by the family office to build a business case for investing 10-12m GBP into a property and franchise mixed portfolio for the family. We are in the process of mapping out the project and envisage the sign off by the client nearer the end of September 2016.
  5. Looking to raise funds for an APP that is the market leader in its space, has revenues and is looking for round one financing. - this project is now completed.
  6. Working on behalf of a fund in the ME that is looking to divest its portfolio of companies in the Oil and Gas sector. These are a combination of EPC, Equipment and a full blown E&P company. This project is currently on hold.
  7. Providing business development and Government relations advice on Africa within the security industry for an established brand. This project is on-going; we have already established a very strong relationship with senior figures in South Africa. The elections have recent been completed and we will re visit in the new term.
  8. Partnering with an IPM company to help develop management restructuring, training and strategic advice for an Iran based Oil & Gas service provider.
    • The client has initiated a programme to develop its strategy which is focused on taking their current offering, within the Oil and Gas sector services industry, to being a full blown IPM the company that can compete regionally and globally.
    • The initial consultancy stage has been completed with a full road map for the next stages over 12 month.
    • We will provide the Strategy, Management, and structure portion of the project .
    • We have recent sourced Coil tubing and related equipment for the client
  9. Attracting funds for a Power plant project in Pakistan- initial feasibility and licencing of the block have been completed and the company is looking at next stage funding.
  10. Iran, initial business intelligence gathering on behalf of a consultancy business in the ME, thereafter setting up their office in Tehran.
  11. Working with one of UK’s best known entrepreneurs on helping build a portfolio of 17 companies
  12. Training and development for a major brand in Ireland. This will involve training the key managers and personnel in “up-skilling”.
  13. Management and high performance development for a company in Birmingham within the Legal sector.
  14. Executive search assignment for an Africa E&P company looking for C-Level team members.
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